NSX-T Troubleshooting Course

Learning NSX troubleshooting is quite a bit different than regular, non-SDN solutions. In this course, you'll learn how to troubleshoot basic NSX topologies, including things such as T0 connectivity, routing issues, distributed firewall rules, and a lot more!

The best thing about this course is that 90% of it involves actual hands-on examples and demonstrations. Give it a try!

NOTE: This course does NOT cover:

  • Federation
  • NSX API's
  • Public Cloud
  • Containers/Tanzu

Learn to Troubleshoot NSX TODAY!

Are you managing an NSX-T environment, and need to understand how to troubleshoot NSX? NSX-T is awesome, but troubleshooting it is a lot different than traditional networking solutions. Take a look at the sample lesson below, and you'll see why students across the globe are chasing Techbytes to learn NSX troubleshooting!

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